Hello! and welcome to Birthing Bella.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I’m Carolyn. Registered midwife, antenatal educator, and mother.

I am incredibly excited to join the team at @letstalkbirthtownsville as their in house Hypnobirthing

Australia ™ practitioner. I offer women and their partners the

opportunity to explore birth as a natural life experience. Equipped with a

balance of information around natural techniques, normal birth physiology and

the art of deep relaxation, parents and their babies can look forward to a safe,

positive and gentle birth experience. My classes can be run privately or you can

join a dynamic an fun group session. Group sessions are run monthly over two consecutive Saturdays. Get in touch via the 'Let's chat' form, email me at or visit workshops & events at Let’s get you on your way towards your ultimate, empowered birth!

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